• Do you have concerns about your child’s speech and language development? Then our services are what you need. We will assess your child before any intervention and review their progress and plan next steps with you!
  • Core Services

    • Talking Tods Language Support Groups

      Fun and informal session to promote language development through play in small groups of 4-6 families. A 6-week course to learn simple strategies to use at home to promote language acquisition and usage for children with language and communication delay.

    • Early Language Tutoring

      One-to-one support with activities to target your child’s specific needs. Support with Speech and Language Therapy recommendations and targets at our base. We are also able to offer support in an environment that your child is familiar/comfortable in (home, pre-school…).

    • Wriggles and Babbles

      A fun session to promote interaction and bonding between parents/carers and their babies through sensory activities. Language development starts from the womb where babies start hearing sounds by 18-weeks gestation and start responding to voices/noises at 25-26 weeks gestation. Our sessions provide the right environment and conditions to promote language development.

    • Training-Let’s Talk Under 5s (adults only)

      A 7 weeks course for parents/carers (including child minders) and pre-school practitioners wanting some key skills and knowledge, delivered in 2 hour slots. We explore how speech and language is developed, communication difficulties, ideas to help your child listen, understand and talk as well as an opportunity to meet other parents. This course is practical, interactive and fun!

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  • Other Activities

    Our other fun and exciting activities!
    • Dance For Fun And Health

      Fun session for primary school aged children to come and experience a taste of African dance. An opportunity to experience and listen to music from different countries and cultures.